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Corporate Social Responsibilities


MONEYBANKER believes that everybody should take part in a more sustainable future. In 2015, we showed our support for reducing emissions by becoming CO2 neutral. This decision is part of our climate commitment, hence we understand the potential consequences of climate changes and we are devoted to act responsible and conscientiously to protect people and the environment wherever possible. We have a strong commitment to no deforestation. It is an important issue for our business from an environmental perspective, hence we believe in a more sustainable future for our children and their children. Furthermore, we recognize the many human challenges worldwide, regarding war, poverty and lack of resources. In order to make our planet a better place, we decided to help support NGO’s like UNICEF & Save the Children.

At MONEYBANKER we are committed to making the planet a better place. We do this by using our recourses wisely as we operate and grow our business. We have lowered our CO2 emissions to conserve nature and thereby inspire others to join us in caring for our planet.

We support the following NGO's every year:



UNICEF works for a world in which every child has a fair chance in life. We decided to support this organisation, because we share a common care for welfare for the children in our world.


WWF is striving to safeguard the natural world, helping people, wildlife and the environment live more sustainably and take action against climate change.

The Danish Diabetes Association

This association wish to improve quality of life with diabetes and unite a good life with diabetes and a future without. We have chosen to support this organisation because they wish to improve human life quality.

CO2 Neutral website

This organisation is all about reducing CO2 emissions, by building renewable energy sources, building energy efficient stoves and help save the rain forest and threatened habitats. We believe this association is worth supporting due to their wish to make the world a better place.

Save the Children

Save the Children organisation has taken upon themselves to save children in warzones, poverty and general crisis-torn nations. We believe the amount of work they do and the support they offer kids around the world is priceless.

Danish Heart Foundation

This organisation wishes to contribute to a good life for all Danes with cardiovascular diseases and their families. We have chosen to support this association because their values regarding a good life, fits into our core values.

Dyrenes Beskyttelse

This association strive to secure the wellbeing of animals by law under national and international auspices. Our company believes in the welfare of all living things people and animals among.


This organisation saves lives, re-establish local communities and fights poverty and inequality. We believe the amount of work this organisation do in order to save the people in crisis-torn societies are worth supporting, hence they help save the world.

Danish People’s Aid

Danish People’s Aid is a Danish NGO building on voluntary work. They provide relief, emergency and development aid and assistance to vulnerable people in Denmark and internationally. This organisation is all about welfare for people and that is why we have chosen to support this group.

Children’s Heart Foundation

This organisation wishes to contribute to a good life for all Danish children with inherent cardiovascular diseases and their families. We believe that this organisation needs contributions in order to conduct research on cardiovascular diseases among children, ensuring a good and healthy life.

Miljøvenlig pakning

This organization wants to limit the excess use of natural resources by taking one step in the right direction, namely limiting the use of packaging resources. We believe in this great initiative - read more about the organization by clicking the logo.