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Privacy Policy

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. By using any of the services that are set out in our Terms and Conditions you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy. This privacy is applicable to the websites,,  and

1. Data Privacy Principles of Personal Data

We, MONEYBANKER ApS, are pleased that you are visiting our website and we would like to provide you with information about the collection, processing and use of personal data, while on our website. MONEYBANKER ApS, uses personal data exclusively according to the data privacy statement. If you need further information or comes across a question about how MONEYBANKER handles data privacy, please e-mail us at

2. What is personal data?

In Denmark, the words “personal data” is defined by the Danish Data Protection Agency. This defines personal data as any information concerning the personal or material circumstances of an identified individual. This includes information such as IP, Browser, Operating System (OS) and amount of time on the site.

3. General Information on Data Privacy

Unless stated otherwise in the following sections, no personal data will be collected, processed or used while using this website.

3.1 Contact Us

If you choose to use the link “Company”, you will find our email and thereby send us enquiries of a general nature. To process these data, we will collect your contact details (Name and email address). We will store both of these data as well as the correspondence and use them exclusively for the purpose for which you transferred it to us.

4. Data Transmission

As a search engine, MONEYBANKER only compares the relevant consumer loans based on your needs. Accordingly, a loan is obtained on the individual page of the concerned company. In each case you fill out your personal information with the relevant website and not with MONEYBANKER. Data will be collected there directly by the third party. Please note the relevant data privacy statement of the booking website.

5. Cookies

The MONEYBANKER website uses cookies. Cookies are text files saved on the user’s computer when visiting a website on the Internet. There are no personal data hidden in our cookies, and they are hindered in containing virus. You can prevent the use of cookies by not allowing them in your browser. You can change the concerned settings in your browser. We use cookies in order to make your stay faster and more efficient by remembering the chosen settings in our search engine. Furthermore, we use cookies to measure the traffic on the site, in doing so we can document the number of visitors to our advertisers. Lastly we use cookies for advertisements, it allows us to handpick the ads most relevant for you.

6. Social Media

On our front page and subpages, we have integrated links to our social media services (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter). By clicking on the appropriate symbol, you will be redirected to the website of the relevant media. On the social media service website, the data privacy policies and terms and conditions apply. MONEYBANKER ApS does not have any impact on the collection, processing, and use of data on these websites.

7. Security

MONEYBANKER implements technical security measures to safeguard our customers. Our security measures are continuously improved in line with technological progress. Our website has HTTPS, that is a protocol for secure communication over a computer network. It consists of communication over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) within a connection encrypted by Transport Layer Security or its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer. The main motivation for HTTPS is authentication of the visited website and protection of the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data.